Emergency procedures for Fire and Life Safety are of critical importance to the operation of any facility. It is expected that no matter how much you prepare for an emergency that everyone must be prepared for the “unexpected”. This is a part of our program shared with the tenants and staff. There is no playbook for every circumstance that could arise; however adherence to the basics will be the true measure of success. Monthly inspections and maintenance of all egress areas and an ongoing preventive maintenance program for all equipment insure our ability to react when necessary.

Fire Safety
Each tenant on each floor shall make responsible and dependable employees available for designation by the Fire Safety Directory as Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Wardens. Each tenant shall be under the direction of a self-designated Fire Warden for the evacuation of the occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. The Fire Warden shall be assisted by self-designated Deputy Fire Wardens; the number of DFW shall be determined by the occupied area of the tenant.

General rules for building evacuation are: Remain calm, do not panic and listen to the Fire Warden’s instructions. Call the Fire Department, using a building pull-box station. Do not attempt to fight any fire, and close all doors to the fire area. Do not use elevators, and evacuate via stairs that are not affected by smoke. After evacuation, perform a head-count to assure that all occupants have safely left the building.

Bomb Threat/Suspicious Packages
In the event of a telephoned bomb threat or suspicious package received in a tenant’s office, the person receiving the call/package should ask the questions contained on the Bomb Threat Report Form (See Tenant Handbook). Then, notify security immediately – nothing suspicious should be touched. The physical handling of the written threat should be avoided, as it will be used by the Police Department to evaluate fingerprints, postmark, handwriting and typewriting. If the tenants are ordered to evacuate the building, all occupants should stay 500 feet away from the building.

For additional information about any unique procedures in your building, please contact your property manager.